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Nokia 2710 No network signal problem ways solutions jumpers tips and tricks of Nokia 2710 No network signal problem.

Here are the links of repairing diagrams of Nokia 2710 No network signal problem ways solution.
you can solve easly Nokia 2710 No network signal problem by the repairng diagrams of Nokia 2710 No network signal problem which are given below.
If you have some knolage about repairing so you can easly pick the repairing process of Nokia 2710 No network signal problem which is shown in figure.

If you can't understand the repairing diagrams which are given below so don't worry.
I am also giving you a littel discription of this image.

Here is the discription of Nokia 2710 No network signal repairing diagram.

Here is the solution for Nokia 2710ne that no network signal problem to have. This problem occurs when the unit suffered wet or damaged accidentally dropped.

For a Nokia 2710 water damaged, be sure to clean the board first before all software and hardware repair. And for accidentally dropping units, such as dropping it shows a signal indicator on the display, you can restore and / or update the firmware flash first before trying to repair the hardware.
If your phone does not determine through firmware restoration, you can then a hardware check-up and troubleshooting to do.

The solution below shows that certain components that may need to monitor, track and / or replace damaged when found.
Tips for repair:

Before you can continue, make sure that the antenna connection contact expander were not damaged or misaligned and has a good connection to the antenna module. A bad antenna connection for a low, falling, and no network signal reception.

If the antenna connector is okay, can you continue to work on the RF Power Amplifier.

Check chip RF PA supply voltage, this voltage is the material from the phones battery is 3.7 volts.

If no voltage reading, trace his line paths through the battery connector positive terminal. Just manage to apply jumper wire on it if the line is cut, FOT is the only option.
If the voltage is correct, you can then RF amplifier chip. Check all solder bumps if you have already removed or damaged. Install a new RF power amplifier. In most cases, an injury resulting RF Power Amplifier No network signal such as Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition.

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